WorldWomenWork was born over 17 years ago, and since then, founder Singer Rankin has traveled to some of the most remote parts of Africa and Asia in search of women artisans creating unique and beautiful products. The proceeds from sales of these items along with generous contributions are educating girls, helping achieve economic independence for women, and protecting the natural world where they live. WorldWomenWork has worked in 8 countries and gives away each year about $175,000 to conservation and education efforts.

“I am deeply touched by the generosity of WorldWomenWork and by the dedication of your members. It is only with your support that I am able to attain my childhood dreams of pursuing my degree. Thank you for your extraordinary effort and commitment in bringing out the best in me, and countless others like me.”
-Zeinab Musa Adam


Denied a secondary education because of her gender, Zeinab would sit outside a classroom window in an attempt to learn. One day her brother brought her inside and she began her formal education. Zeinab not only caught up, she finished at the top of her class. She went on to college with the support of WorldWomenWork, and today is the director of education and conservation programs at the Kiunga Marine National Reserve in Kenya. She is one of our most important advisers, linking us with other young activists and promising projects in Africa.