WorldWomenWork works with renown safari operator and agent for social change, Cherri Briggs in Zambia. Cherri has helped Singer establish scholarships for five women to attend Riverside Sewing School, including the purchase of their sewing machines.

The women are from villages where large unregulated mining operations are ravaging the land. The project not only provides skills and income to the women, but it also allows them, as economic engines, to participate in decision making about how their land is used.

WorldWomenWork is excited about another collaboration with Cherri called Chics for Chicks. Each Chick project consists of 10 women who form a co-op and agree that within a 12 month period they will donate 100 chicks (the feathered kind) to establish another Chick project. Not only is there a large local market for eggs and chickens, but there is also a market in the city of Lusaka.