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  • $10 could give one meal to an elephant at the Elephant Nature Park, Thailand.
  • $50 can help start a new Waka Simba Chicks for Chicks chapter
  • $100 would purchase sanitary pads for a year for 12 women through the Grevy's Zebra Sanitary Pads project.
  • $250 pays for the annual salary of a lady scout with the Grevy’s Zebra Scout Program, Samburu, Kenya.
  • $500 covers the expenses for 10 women in the Ewaso Lion’s Mama Simba Literacy Program.
  • $1000 funds a scholarship for one year with Save the Elephants
  • $5000 provides a radio collar for one elephant through Save the Elephants, Samburu, Kenya.
  • $15,000-$22,000 is the price of saving & providing sanctuary for one elephant through the Elephant Nature Park, Thailand.

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