In a remote river valley in Northern Thailand is a sanctuary for Asian Elephants. Most of the elephants here have suffered greatly during their former lives as log haulers, street beggars and tourist vehicles.

Thai Elephant Conservation, Nature Park, Thailand
Thanks to the herculean efforts of Lek Chailert, a woman with limitless energy and affection for these intelligent and social animals, nearly thirty of them will live out their long lives in a natural state, in the process drawing thousands of tourists every year. Funds from WorldWomenWork have played a critical role, saving three elephants as well as helping to maintain and expand the sanctuary.

In 2008 we partnered with Swell Pictures to make a 30 minute feature film narrated by Martin Sheen called ‘Losing the Elephants’. The film chronicles Lek’s work and examines the unique gifts and the dire plight of this amazing animal.

‘Losing the Elephants’ can be watched in its entirety here.