We had an incredible safari in Kenya in 2014. We connected with people and wildlife in ways few of us could have imagined as we left for the airport at the end of January.


We met the women of the Ewaso Lion Project, a new one for WWW this year. Thanks to their involvement in lion conservation, they are learning to read and write as well as create beautiful beaded lion crafts for the market. We visited the Sheldrick Trust where orphaned elephants from Nairobi are being slowly reintroduced into the wild.


After 5 nights at Elephant Watch, Oria Douglas-Hamilton’s beautiful camp in Samburu, everybody was in elephant mode. We flew to Tsavo National Park for the highlight of the trip, the search for some of Africa’s last ‘Tuskers’, adult bull elephants with fully developed tusks.


From the air a  group of bulls was spotted and among them a 50 year old called Satao whose magnificence is beyond description, his tusks reach to the ground. These big bulls have been the number one target of the poachers and as a result there are believed to be only 20 left in all of Africa!

Today I learned that Satao is being observed by a Kenya Wildlife service vet for spear wounds which can cause a very painful death. The beauty we were privileged to witness is fragile and under assault as never before, and that is why we must continue to fight!