Elephant Nature Park Thailand Losing the Elephants film narrated by Martin Sheen

Losing the elephants film by Swell Pictures

We partnered with Swell Pictures to make a 30 minute feature film narrated by Martin Sheen called ‘Losing the Elephants’. Directed by Peck Euwer and produced by Singer Rankin, the film chronicles Lek Chailert’s work with Save Elephant Foundation at Elephant Nature Park and examines the unique gifts and the dire plight of this amazing animal. Released in 2011, this documentary continues to be shown around the US.

‘Losing the Elephants’ can be watched in its entirety below:

An Asian Elephant Rescue 

In addition to the Losing the Elephants film, we also partnered to make this short piece about rescuing an Asian elephant called Bua Loi.