Elephants, Humans, and Water: The Connection of Life

Water is crucial in this beautiful but arid land. One day we watched elephants digging and drinking from deep holes in the completely dry Ewaso River bed. The babies played like children in the holes, making a mess of their parent’s careful work. The holes are in turn used by many other animals during these dry times. Later I walked up the river to a spot where herds of cattle, donkeys, and goats are brought to drink from holes surrounded by walls of thorn branches to keep out the elephants and other wildlife. Women in beautiful necklaces and men call their animals to come and drink, singing to them as they go. The river bed is the life blood for these people and their animals as much as it is for the elephants. Everyone can’t wait for the rains to come.

While the world seems to verge on chaos, to spend time with these magnificent creatures never fails to help restore my faith in the future. I always come home filled with admiration for the people on the ground who struggle to preserve their unique place in the world and am inspired to do more to help. I know that next year everyone making the journey to Africa will share these profound feelings.

Exciting Updates for 2015-2016

  • New website

  • New project: Community Outreach for Elephants

  • New project: WorldWomenWorks Disposable & Reusable Sanitary Pad Project

  • WWW shows in San Francisco, Sun Valley, New York & Santa Fe

  • 2016 Trip: Elephants & Gorillas Kenya/Rwanda already full!