Grow Back For Prosperity Santa Fe Event and October Updates

"This corrupt, illegal war on wildlife makes losers of us all. The annihilation of wildlife by organised criminal gangs is violent, bloody, corrupt and insidious. It robs communities of their resources, their independence, their opportunities and their dignity. It strips their homes of beauty and diversity. It may even cost some people their lives. And we are all losers as the creatures with which we share this planet are pillaged to extinction." - Dominic Jermey

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The elephant situation in Myanmar is desperate. Elephants are being killed not only for ivory but also for their skin "blood ivory" WorldWomnenWork is pleased to bring this presentation to Santa Fe on Oct. 23rd.

Aung Myo Chit is the founder of the Myanmar nonprofit Grow Back For Prosperity. He is head of Smithsonian Myanmar and has over 15 years experience working with wild and domesticated elephants in Myanmar and leads the Irrawaddy River Dolphin Project. He holds advanced degrees in conservation biology from the University of California, Davis, and James Cook University Australia.
Jon Miceler is a US based conservationist with over 20 years of rural development experience in Myanmar. He is the founder of US based Inner Asia Conservation and was managing director of WWF's Eastern Himalaya Program. Miceler holds an advanced degree in environmental science from Yale University and the University of Colorado, Boulder.


WorldWomenWork presented some of its collection of beautiful things for sale to benefit the conservation efforts of Lek Chailert, Save Elephant Foundation, Thailand, in New York on Sept. 25th at a special evening for Asian Elephants.
Lek was born in northern Thailand. Her love of elephants began when her grandfather, a traditional healer, received an elephant named Tong Kam, in return for saving the life of a young man. The bond that developed between lek and Tong sparked a love and respect for elephants that has shaped the course of her life. The Foundation is dedicated to providing care, assistance and LOVE to Thailand's captive elephants.
TODAY there are over 3000 elephants in CAPTIVITY and only a few 100 left in the WILD.

Lek Chailert in NYC

WorldWomenWork is fighting for all endangered Elephants, Lions and Grevy's Zebra. It is our duty. The world would be a tragic soulless place without them. Please join us. Without you, WWW is nothing!
Thank you for caring and being a part of our passion.

Singer Rankin