Walking With Elephants: Challenge Grant July 2017

walking with elephants

WWW Challenge Grant $2500

WWW's Walking with Elephants Myanmar Adventure Feb. 2017 has initiated a new project for us which we are proud to be a part of, knowing that tangible results and hope for many will result with our participation. These ex-logging elephants, already domesticated, are in danger of being totally abandoned as the government does not have the money to pay for upkeep of both elephants and their Mahouts and the Mahouts are being forced to seek employment
elsewhere. The elephants will lose health care and proper food, ultimately succumbing to death via conflict with humans or being sold into dreadful slave labor. We propose to initially support 30 elephants and 30 Mahout families.

Your donations will make this possible. Living next to our elephants as we did in Myanmar gave us the opportunity to witness the strong bond between families and their elephants. Here is the list of what is needed to help protect these magnificent creatures and their families...a quickly disappearing way of life.

Medicine And Food For One Young Elephant 10 to 55 years:
Tamarind balls and salt - $7.00
De-worming and vitamins - $75.00
Rice bran and Paddy - $12.00
Monthly upkeep for one elephant - $94.00
Total For One Elephant Per Year - $1128.00
Total for 30 elephants $33,840

One Mahout Family's Needs For One Year:
Mosquito nets and blankets - $8.00
Children's school supplies - $10.00
Children's uniforms - $15.00
Children's backpacks - $10.00
Uniforms - $32.00
Total for 1 Family Per Year $75.00
Total for 30 mahouts $2250.00
Grand total for a year for 30 elephants and Mahouts is $36,090

This is just a small percentage of the 5000 elephants without a job.
PLEASE help us meet this challenge. It is the least we can do! We must never forget the precarious situation for elephants in Myanmar. There maybe as few as 1500 wild elephants left. Not only are they being poached for their ivory but also for their skins to be made into a powder for the Vietnamese treatment of acne.

“Elephant’s skin can cure skin diseases like eczema,” said one shop
owner, who was also hawking porcupine quills and snake skins. “You
burn pieces of skin by putting them in a clay pot. Then you get the
ash and mix it with coconut oil to apply on the eczema.”
- Huffington Post

Donate today to make a difference in the lives of these elephants and their families.

Walking With Elephants Challenge Grant July 2017
Walking With Elephants Challenge Grant