Hero Women of Congo

About 55 elephants are killed every day for their ivory. A rhino is killed every eight hours for its horn. About 317 000 live birds are trafficked annually. A ranger is killed in the line of duty, on average, every three days.
— World Wildlife Fund

Soutine age 14, with her trunk resting on the radio collar was one of the first orphans in the WorldWomenWork funded “Orphan Project” with Save the Elephants. Among other findings, Soutine shows the resiliency of young elephants who without their Matriarchs to teach them have to learn on their own. We observed lion marks on the baby, age 3 weeks, and subsequently the baby was caught in a raging current in the Ewaso River and Soutine by her side managed to guide her to shore... She is a good Mother.
What a success story!

Hero Women of Congo


Angelique (Below) one of 6 children, ran away from home to avoid being married in her early teens. “My country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, has always been at war, so the population is often in an insecure situation and poor. Because of these wars, women and girls are raped and many people are dead. I did not want to be illiterate like my Mother.”

Through the help of our donors, WWW has funded Angelique's tuition for nursing school, So that she may return to her region and help other girls and women.


We have also donated six sewing machines and four additional scholarships were awarded, $500 each, to this women’s group.

Elephants and women have much in common. Their families are torn apart for many reasons.
They both cope with the loss of their matriarchs from brutal killing and rape for power and money. Soutine, her baby, and these girls from the Congo need our compassion and love.

Singer Rankin and Lek Chailert

When we met Bua Loi, she was in chains with a broken leg from logging, had been forcibly bred, then her baby was taken away and she was forced to beg on the streets of Bangkok. We bought Bua Loi with Lek (Far Right) and brought her to the Elephant Nature Park in Kuet Chiang in Northen Thailand.
Lek is the Saint of Elephants and the most inspirational person I have ever met...
With great thanks for all that you do for WWW
    -Singer Rankin

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